Insulin Calculator for Efficient Day Supply Calculations

Insulin Day Supply Calculator

Insulin Day Supply Calculator

What is an Insulin Calculator?

Our Insulin Calculator is a handy tool that helps you determine the day supply of insulin required to bill for a specific type of insulin based on the dosage required per day. Our insulin calculator is mostly helpful for pharmacies, nurses, provider offices and even for patients who wants to calculate their insulin day supply. Our Insulin calculator takes into account the insulin units/box provided, total units per day prescribed, dosing frequency, and even the container size available. This way, you can manage your insulin dosage more effectively and avoid the complications of under or overdosing.

How Does Insulin Calculator Work?

Our insulin calculator is very easy to use, all you need are a few pieces of information:

Box Insulin Units/ml:

Check the units provided on the package. U-100 is the most common. U-100 means that there are 100 units of insulin per one milliliter of fluid. However, insulin is available in other strengths as well like U-200, U-300, and U-500. Simply check the units listed on the package and list them here in this column. 

Total Daily units: 

This section represents the total daily units of insulin prescribed by the provider. This crucial measure represents the total amount of insulin a person with diabetes needs over 24 hours. Total daily insulin units may be once a day or twice a day or may be three times a day with the same or different units throughout the day. Simply add all units together and feed in the value here.

Insulin Container Size (mL): Please list here the available size on the container. It can be 10ml for vial, 15ml for most insulin pen and different insulin might have different sizes listed. Please check the package size carefully before entering the value here.

Calculate Days: Once all values are entered correctly, just press this button “Calculate Days” and the calculator will display the insulin day supply here.

Benefits of Our Insulin Calculator:

  • Personalized Experience: Tailored to your specific medical needs.
  • Time-Saving: Quick calculations mean you spend less time worrying about dosages.
  • Educational: Helps you understand how different factors affect your insulin needs.
  • Free to Use: Our calculator is a complimentary service for all our visitors.
insulin calculator

We are providing here a table that includes various insulins, their units/mL, brand names, generic names, and available package sizes. However, we may not cover all insulin types or package sizes available in the market:

Insulin TypeUnits/mLBrand NameGeneric NamePackage Sizes Available
Rapid-Acting100HumalogInsulin lispro3 mL, 10 mL
 100NovoLogInsulin aspart3 mL, 10 mL
 100ApidraInsulin glulisine3 mL, 10 mL
Short-Acting100Humulin RRegular insulin human3 mL, 10 mL
 100Novolin RRegular insulin human3 mL, 10 mL
Intermediate-Acting100Humulin NInsulin isophane human NPH3 mL, 10 mL
 100Novolin NInsulin isophane human NPH3 mL, 10 mL
Long-Acting100LantusInsulin glargine3 mL, 10 mL
 100LevemirInsulin detemir3 mL, 10 mL
 100BasaglarInsulin glargine3 mL, 10 mL
Ultra Long-Acting100TresibaInsulin degludec3 mL, 10 mL
 100ToujeoInsulin glargine1.5 mL, 3 mL
Premixed100NovoLog Mix 70/30Insulin aspart protamine and insulin aspart3 mL, 10 mL
 100Humalog Mix 75/25Insulin lispro protamine and insulin lispro3 mL, 10 mL

Conclusion: The “Insulin Day Supply Calculator” on the A&P Pharmacy website is designed to help users determine the day supply of insulin based on dosage requirements. It’s beneficial for pharmacies, nurses, provider offices, and patients. The calculator considers insulin units per box, total daily units prescribed, and container size. Benefits include a personalized experience, time-saving through quick calculations, educational insights into insulin needs, and it’s free to use. This tool is particularly useful for effective management of insulin dosages and avoiding complications related to incorrect dosing.

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