Free Food Pantry

 It takes more than food to fight hunger. 

We believe overall wellness begins with food and health education.

Our ultimate goal is to provide programs that help families obtain long-term food security and become self sufficient.

Tarrant County free food pantry

AP Pharmacy participate with local non-profit organization and holds special place for the one in need of food, in our heart.

We provide food related supplies including groceries, personal toiletries, snacks for children, hot meals, and bags of free canned or perishable food.

Fort Worth and Tarrant County Texas residents have food banks, soup kitchens and free pantries that operate across the county that they can call for help. We also provide fresh & free hot Coffee plus fresh popcorns to everyone.

Residents of Fort Worth area who need any of our Food pantry items can walk-in during our normal business hours and get the supplies they need.

A&P Pharmacy
2329 N Riverside Dr Fort Worth TX 76111
Phone: (817) 838-2319
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-2pm, Sun: Closed

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Free Food Pantry A&P Pharmacy in Fort Worth TX
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